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Don't match flammable honeycomb

Quartz Light User Instruction

Brief Introduction

Quartz light is one of most popular use lights in the studio. Based on 3200K color temperature, this quartz light can offer a suitable continuous lighting for your shooting. The light system is improved time after time. The design has over-heat protection of circuit and auto-cooling function. The light is not only infinitely variable adjusting in power but also the angle of irradiation is large. Under the light's good protection, it has long service life. It can connect all kinds of accessories, like soft boxes. This quartz light will provide high-quality continuous lighting for TV video shooting, advertising photography, traditional film photography, digital photography and so on.


1. Insert two pins of light bulb into the front base of your quartz light. Make sure two supporting clamps are firmly holding the bulb. Don't touch the quartz made envelope with bare hands.
2. Turn on on/off switch. The built-in fan cooler will automatically turn on and blow air inside out.
3. Place the light accessories (ie. reflectors, soft boxes, barn doors etc.) in front of your quartz light.


1. When assembling and disassembling the quartz light, don't touch the light with your hand directly as the sweat will damage the bulb and affect service life of quartz light.
2. Don't tough light cover in use so as to avoid burning. Don't move the light in use for avoiding the damage by shaking the light.
3. When you use it, you should turn on the fan set, and then adjust the brightness of quartz light. When you want to shut down the light, pIs. adjust the brightness to the least. After five minutes, you close down the fan set. When the light is used 10 to 20 minutes, you'd better adjust the brightness of light to the least and make the light to have a rest.
4. Don't match flammable honeycomb to the best of your abilities. If necessary, you may consider taking off the middle cloth inside soft box in order to avoid the danger.
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