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My favourite albums of 2009

It's around this time of the year that the DPRP runs a readers' poll about the previous year of music. I thought I would make a record of my answers so I can see how well my opinions match the final results when then come out in March (or so), and in the meantime perhaps some readers may find it interesting...

Top Albums of 2009

10. No Line On The Horizon (U2)
9. Focal Point (Paul Cusick)
8. Force Of Gravity (Sylvan)
7. Realm Of Shadows (Knight Area)
6. Anno Domini High Definition (Riverside)
5. Frequency (IQ)
4. The Whirlwind (Transatlantic)
3. Ostara (The Wishing Tree)
2. Amor Vincit Omnia (Pure Reason Revolution)
1. The Incident (Porcupine Tree)

Biggest Disappointment in 2009

The Uprising (Muse)

I was gutted when I first heard this album, and it hasn't grown on me since. Their previous album, Black Holes and Revelations, was in my opinion a masterpiece - but with this effort Muse have taken their art a long way backwards, carrying all the excess and silly elements without any of the musical flair. What's worse is that it's being lauded as "the future of prog" by journalists who haven't actually listened to any prog in the last thirty years, who wouldn't know a time signature without a "4" in it if it stood up to bite them, and who think that it is the height of musical innovation to shove a bit of incongruous Chopin in the middle of an otherwise incredibly lightweight album. This is like prog for the televised karaoke generation; this is like prog trying to impress Simon Cowell. Ugh.

Music DVDs

Feed To Feed (Oceansize)
My Soul Sings (Delirious)
Frequency Special Edition Bonus DVD - Live in Zoetermeer 2007 (IQ)


Stronger Than Friction (IQ)
Victorious Cupid (Pure Reason Revolution)
Time Flies (Porcupine Tree)

Individual Performances

Guitar: Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, The Incident
Keyboard:Mark Westworth, IQ, Frequency
Vocal: Hannah Stobart, The Wishing Tree, Ostara
Drummer: Mike Portnoy, Transatlantic, The Whirlwind
Bass: Pete Trewavas, Transatlantic, The Whirlwind


Artwork: Freequency (IQ)
Newcomer: Paul Cusick
Biggest Prog Happening: Financial problems of InsideOut/SuperballMusic labels, and them finding a backer in Century Media Records
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