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I spent April 13-18 at New Word Alive (on the South coast of North Wales) without internet access, newspapers, TV or radio, so coming back into the real world was a bit like being on an episode of The Bubble. Certainly if anyone had asked which of these news stories were true:

  • A volcano in Iceland had closed all the UK's airports
  • Roger Waters is touring "The Wall" thirty-one years after the album was first released
  • The Lib Dems were leading in opinion polls for the next election

    I probably wouldn't have believed any of them. Especially the last one.

    Anyway, with that election in mind, I've visited a few of the sites which try to map my political views onto one of the political parties, with some possibly predictable results:

    Your Personal Survey Results
  • Lib Dems 33.33%
  • Green Party 33.33%
  • Conservatives 16.67%
  • UKIP 16.67%

  • Take the Who Should You Vote For? England quiz

    Liberal Democrat30
    UK Independence11

    You expected: LIB

    Your recommendation: Liberal Democrat

    Click here for more details about these results

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